3 Helpful Maintenance Steps For Your Driveway

Posted on: 23 December 2014

When your driveway is damaged, driving up it may not even be an option. This is why it's critical to maintain your driveway, which isn't that hard when you take these steps.

Fill in Potholes

After a while, cracks can get so big that they turn into potholes. These potholes can then damage the wheels on your vehicle. To avoid these damages, you can fill in potholes with asphalt filler. This type of filler doesn't have any drying time associated with it, which lets you instantly fill in potholes.

After cleaning out dirt and debris from the pothole, start filling it with the filler. Fill up the pothole to where the filler goes over an inch, and then pack it in with a shovel. The pothole will not be present anymore, and your vehicle can then go over the filler without it breaking apart. Another unique property of this filler is its temperature-resistant property. This keeps it from breaking apart in extreme temperatures.

Get Help from a Paving Contractor

In order for your driveway to look great for years and years, you can get help from a paving contractor, like Jordan Wells Paving. These contractors can put a sealcoat on the surface of your driveway. When they do this, they are essentially putting an invisible barrier on your driveway.

This barrier prevents water from seeping down into the base, so cracks and potholes are not prone to developing. A sealcoat also gives your driveway a rich, black color, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. This makes your driveway stand out from a distance, giving your home added curb appeal.

Clean the Driveway with a Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum

After a while, trash and debris can collect on the driveway, which can prematurely wear it down. You can avoid these costly repairs with ease when you clean your driveway with a portable wet/dry vacuum. These vacuums are extremely lightweight, and they have rollers on the bottom. This makes them easy to maneuver around your driveway while you clean.

Featuring a high-powered suction, you can effectively pick up dirt, debris and other trash on your driveway without getting your hands dirty at all. These vacuums can pick up wet or dry debris without damage, making them a dynamic machine to own.

The driveway is used on a daily basis, so it needs to be in good condition. You can keep it maintained by taking the steps above. Not only will your driveway look great, but it will be structurally sound.


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