Signs Your Central Heating System Needs Professional Help

Posted on: 1 January 2015

When central heating system in your home is not working properly, you can take care of some tasks yourself, but there are some you should not attempt. There are certain signs that should signal to you your heating system is need of professional help. An HVAC contractor, like those at Quality HomEnergy, can come in and inspect the unit before deciding if repairs are needed, or if you you need a new furnace. 

System Won't Run

When your central heating system simply does not run, there are some easy fixes you can try first.  If these fail, call a professional. Some simple things you can try include checking to make sure the power is on at that panel or switch, check to see if the thermostat is set too low, look to see if the pilot light on a gas furnace is still lit, and measure fuel for oil burning systems to make sure there is enough. 

If these are not your problem, it may be something more serious, like a faulty electric ignition on a gas unit or a clogged nozzle on an oil burning stove. These problems require professional help because the steps to fix it are too complex for the average homeowner. 

Poor Or No Heat

If your heater is blowing out little or no heat, it may be something simple. Some things to try first include making sure registers are not blocked, filters and blowers aren't dirty, and that you don't  have a loose or broken blower belt. You can easily clean dirty furnace parts and remove obstructions if you find them. If not, the problem may be more complicated, like a faulty blower motor. If the blower motor is bad on your, an HVAC professional is needed to find the right parts and replace them. 

Poor Or Uneven Heating

If your heating system is blowing out warm air, but it is not heating as it should or not heating the entire home, there are some simple and not simple explanations. In some units, there may be air trapped in the radiators or convectors, which means they need to be bled. Depending on your knowledge of your heating system, you can do this on your own. 

There are a couple of possible problems that requires a professional contractor, however. The heating unit could have a faulty pump or pressure gauge. 

Anytime you feel out of your comfort zone when troubleshooting your heating system, do call in an HVAC contractor. He or she can more accurately diagnose the problem and give you advice as to whether to repair or replace your existing system. 


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