Water Well Drilling Services

Posted on: 3 March 2015

Living in rural America is one of the most rewarding and challenging endeavors a family can undertake. Many problems require creative solutions, and providing a clean water source for drinking, cleaning, and irrigation is no exception. This brief guide will help you to understand the process of drilling a well, obtaining proper permits, and maintaining the well. 

Permits and Inspection

Drilling a water well requires government approval. Your local drilling company should include the cost of permitting in their estimate, and include the time permitting and post drilling inspection takes in the timeline given to complete your project. Water is a precious resource, and rights to it are strictly controlled at the local government level. This is why permits are issued. After the well is drilled, an inspection is done to ensure that the well is producing the legally allotted amount, and that the sanitary seal was installed correctly to protect the well from surface water contamination. 


Finding a suitable drilling site is one of the services you will pay a well drilling company to perform. They should have an intimate knowledge of local geology, the local water table, and existing wells in the area. This will help them know how deep to drill.


The depth of your well is the major contributing factor in the overall cost of drilling your well. An experienced team will know approximately how deep water is, allowing them to write an accurate estimate on the job.


Having a great set of plans that includes all plumbing fixtures, appliances, and landscaping water requirements of your home will help your drilling team determine how much water you'll need. This not only impacts the drilling plan, but also what size pump you'll need installed after the well is drilled. The pump is a the other major cost of drilling a well. Your drilling team will recommend what pump is best suited to your needs. 


Maintaining a well requires expertise, and your drilling company may also offer a maintenance package that saves you time and money if purchased when the well is drilled. Your well may need to be chlorinated once a year or more, you may need to have the well pump serviced every few years, and any emergency issues such as the pump switching on and off frequently should be addressed right away. 

Whatever your needs are, your local drilling company is sure to have a solution for them. Give them a call and they'll set you up for success. 


Got Hail Damager? What You Need to Know About Repairs

We had a major hail storm in our area. I could see the dents and dings on the side of our home, but I had no idea how to go about getting it repaired or what to expect from the process. Luckily, we had a great insurance agent who helped guide us through the process and put us in touch with great contractors. But, I know not everyone is as lucky as we are. As such, I started this website to help people like you who may have hail damage. I hope you will learn what hail damage looks like, what happens if it isn't repaired, who to contact and what to expect during the process of repairing the damage. I am sorry about the damage to your home, but I hope my website gives you information that helps you during this time.