Yes, You CAN Draw On The Walls: Paint Choices For Creative Kids

Posted on: 28 June 2015

Most parents can attest to the amount of damage that a creative child can do to clean, painted walls with a pen, marker or crayons. If you're tired of having to say, "Don't write on the walls," there are solutions for you and your kids. Here's a look at two unique paint options to consider for your child's space so that he or she is free to express creativity without you needing to be concerned about lasting damage.

Whiteboard Walls

Whiteboard paint produces the same glossy, white surface that you get from whiteboards mounted on business and classroom walls. Whether you have a budding artist or an academic, whiteboards allow for expression, organization and even study support. Invest in dry-erase markers and your kids will have a blank canvas.

Start by sanding the walls smooth, then wipe the whole area down with a tack cloth. This will eliminate dust and debris from the surface. You need a smooth, clean surface in order to get the finish that you're looking for. Whiteboard paint is very thin, so it shows flaws underneath easily. Apply the paint with a foam roller to ensure an even, streak-free application.

If the wall you're painting is a dark color, you'll have to prime the area with a light color before you can apply the whiteboard paint, otherwise the color will bleed. Make sure you apply drop cloths around the whole painting area, because the thin paint may run. Drying time varies by paint manufacturer, so make sure you know how long it has to dry before you can use it. Writing on it too soon may cause the markers to stain.

Chalkboard Cover

Chalkboard paint is a great investment for kids who enjoy chalk. It's great for artistic expression, because chalk is versatile like charcoal for drawing. You'll want the same smooth surface for chalkboard paint as you would use for whiteboard paint. Since chalkboard paint is usually water-based, you can apply it just as you would any other interior paint. Rollers will create a consistent, smooth surface.

Work in thin, even coats when you apply your chalkboard paint. Let the first coat dry thoroughly before applying the next. Drying times can vary by brand, so make sure you know exactly how long to wait between coats. Chalkboard paint typically cleans up easily with a standard chalk eraser or a damp cloth.

If you aren't comfortable doing the work yourself, a painting contractor like AAA Action Painting can help you get the work done properly.


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