Great Dog Fencing Options

Posted on: 26 August 2015

Being a dog owner is an enjoyable experience for most homeowners, but it can also create a dilemma. If you have a rambunctious dog that likes being outside, how do you keep him from wandering off? The obvious answer is to install a fence on your property. This article explores some of the best options available for dog fencing.  


If you are on a budget, then a split rail fence makes a good choice. This a simple type of fence that you can install yourself, as long as you're handy with tools and don't mind getting your hands dirty. All of the materials you need to construct the fence can be purchased at a local home and garden center. Of course, the split rails by themselves won't keep your dog contained, so you will need to cover the fence in wire mesh to make it secure.  


Not everyone wants to have nosy neighbors watching their dog while it plays in and explores an enclosed yard. If you want both an effective dog fence and an efficient privacy fence, then a solid wood fence is a great choice. You will want to have a fence tall enough so that anyone on an adjacent property can't easily see over the top. For this reason, six feet is a common height for solid wood fence. In addition to protecting your privacy, the solid nature of the wooden board or panels ensures that your furry friend has no opportunity to escape. 

Picket Fence

What if you prefer that your rambunctious, outside-loving dog stay in your front yard, rather than in the back? Perhaps you grow vegetables in the backyard and want to avoid having your pet trample your garden. To deal with this problem, you need a fence that will look attractive in the front yard, such as a picket fence. This traditional fence adds a look of elegance to any property, and the space pickets keep your dog secure within the confines of the front yard.

Small Dogs 

Aluminum fences are another good option, although there is a potential problem if you have a puppy or small dog. The dog might be able to squeeze through the space between the fence's vertical bars. Fortunately, however, you can easily solve this issue by installing, so called "puppy pickets." This is an add-on that closes the gap around the bars at the bottom of the fence, so a small dog or puppy is not tempted to escape. 

To learn more about the best dog fencing option for you, contact a local fencing contractor.


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