Three Unique Options To Consider When Adding Trim To Vinyl Siding

Posted on: 30 September 2015

Vinyl siding is a great durable material to use on the exterior of your home. It also tends to be plain and lack details for a custom look. If you want your home to look more unique than all the other homes with vinyl siding, adding different types of trim is a great way to give it more of a custom appearance. Here are some of the options you may want to consider to give the siding on your home a custom look:

1. Using Frieze Boards To Separate Siding Styles In Custom Designs

If you are installing vinyl siding and want a custom look, there are many options other than conventional lap siding design.  If you want to use different types of siding styles, you will need to have a way to break up the materials and make transitions from one type of siding to another. This can be done by using materials, such as frieze boards and corner boards. These are materials that are commonly used with conventional wood siding for trim. They can also be used with vinyl siding, and you can get them in composite materials to make them just as durable as your new siding.

2. Giving Vinyl Windows More Detail With Trim Details

The siding on your home may not be the only area you want to add custom features. Many homes also have vinyl windows, which may lack details and trim around them. If you have windows that are kind of plain, you may want to consider installing trim details to them. This can be done with all types of siding trim materials, which can be used to give your windows more of a custom appearance. This is something that can also be done with metal frame windows, which are often similar in design to vinyl materials.

3. Adding Moldings And Trim To Soffit And Fascia With Vinyl Siding

There are also many materials that can be used for the soffit and fascia design of your home. If you have vinyl fascia, it can also have a frieze with molding to give it more details. The trim that you can have added to the exterior of your home can be the same as the interior. On the exterior, the trim may be larger to make details on the fascia more visible. You can also use composite materials for these trim details to ensure that they are durable and will last for many years.

These are some of the unique features that you may want to consider adding to your vinyl siding trim. If you are ready to have a new look for the exterior of your home, contact a vinyl siding contractor, like Overcash Siding LLC, and talk with them about using some of these ideas for give your home a custom look.


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