Ideas for Adding On to Your Master Bedroom

Posted on: 18 November 2015

It's time for some home remodeling, and you've decided to add more space. Perhaps you've decided to expand a room where you spend a good portion of your time—the bedroom. Before even starting the planning process, think about what you want the extra space for. Then, make an addition to the master bedroom that makes the most sense for your lifestyle.

Master Suite

If you have an older home, it may not feature a master suite. However, just connecting the bedroom to the bathroom doesn't make for a master suite. Instead, your suite should feature ample closet space. Think about expanding your bedroom and bathroom enough to add a spacious walk-in closet. Make it big enough and it can even serve as a dressing room.

Bump Out

Perhaps you already have a master suite and you just want a little extra lounging space. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, a bay window bump out is a simple addition with big returns. The extra real estate provides adequate space for a day bed or chairs that provide a cozy place to have conversations. A big bonus is that the additional windows let more sun into the room.


If you crave more sun, consider making the addition to your bedroom a sunroom. The wall should feature floor-to-ceiling windows. Alternatively, top tall windows with transoms. You could even add a skylight. Use the increased space at least partially for a selection of plants. They can become a filter for the light coming into your bedroom and even a partial privacy screen.

Breakfast Nook

The bump out or sunroom can double as a breakfast nook, or you can simply create one. Add a small kitchenette to the nook. For example, create a small amount of counter space with the makings for coffee or tea. Insert a mini refrigerator below and add a cabinet above. Now you have the space for making your morning coffee. A comfortable chair near a window or in the bump out serves as your morning chill spot.


There's no rule that says a room addition has to be on the inside. A deck or patio provides you with the luxury of outdoor living space attached to your bedroom. This can be a space for a hot tub, dining, or just lounging. Since it's attached to your bedroom, this deck is a private one. Have it built with tall enough railings to provide some screen. Likewise, utilize plants and furniture placement to further create a cozy outdoor space secluded from the rest of the world.

Whether you want more space for lounging or a streamlined morning routine, adding on to your bedroom adds value to your lifestyle. Look into remodeling services in your area to start working on your plans—and enjoy the journey!


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