Is Your Family Getting Larger? Remodel The Bathroom To Accommodate Your Extra Needs

Posted on: 29 August 2016

A limited number of bathrooms is one of the largest crutches for a large family. Most people will end up looking for another home to better accommodate their needs before their family grows large enough to become a problem. Other families will add a bathroom to their home to stay in the same home. But what if you do not want to move out and building another bathroom is not a feasible option? This is when you need to get extra creative with bathroom remodeling to provide better bathroom accommodations.

Separate the Toilet and Vanity Area

An excellent first step is taking the toilet and the vanity area and breaking them apart. When there is no privacy between the two, you cannot expect one family member to go to the bathroom while another member brushes their teeth and fixes up their hair while getting ready for school. But, this issue is completely eliminated when you add a wall with a door that separates the two areas and provides full privacy. Although a partition wall is possible, your family might not feel comfortable enough with just being around the corner, as opposed to an entire wall that requires going through a door to get inside.

Get a New Shower Door

The bathroom might only have one person inside when someone is taking a shower. But you can fix this by installing a new shower door that keeps people from being able to see inside the shower. The easiest way to accomplish this is with a frosted or patterned shower door. While certain shower curtains can work well, going with a shower door will give your family a more reliable sense of privacy. It is even better when you can expand the bathroom enough to provide room for getting dressed in the shower. A built-in seating area and the ability to drape clothes over the shower door without getting wet are all you need.

Incorporate Two Sinks

A single sink is only going to allow one person to handle a variety of tasks. So, an easy fix is to expand the vanity area just enough to fit in an extra sink, and naturally, you will gain more storage space. This addition will greatly improve the functionality in the bathroom and the ability to accommodate multiple people.

If you were to make all of these changes, you could have four people using the bathroom at one time. So, whether you undertake one or all of these projects, they will help your growing family.

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