Three Reasons To Have Your Drain Problem Fixed By A Professional Plumber

Posted on: 18 October 2016

When you see that one of your drains is clogged up, you may have more than one idea on what to do about it, but it is best to call a licensed plumber. The following are only three reasons to do this.

Off-the-shelf products are not effective

Unclogging your drain is not as simple as television commercials tell you. There are several off-the-shelf drain cleaning liquids that you can buy, but they are usually a waste of time and money. You may be surprised to know that plumbers do not use them. The service they provide is called drain cleaning because that is exactly what is done. The entire drain pipe is cleaned from the beginning to the end. Naturally, this results in unclogging your drain, but a plumber is providing a comprehensive service. By chance, if a liquid drain product worked, it may not be permanent as the material may reassemble at a place further down the drain pipe, where these products are less effective.

You can make the problem worse

You may be thinking that you can rent one of those rooter machines and clear the clogged line yourself, but here are few things you should know. These machines are not as easy to use as you might think. One example of a common problem amateurs will encounter is with a thick stoppage. The rotor machines can easily get stuck if you force them into the stoppage too quickly. There is a proper technique to apply. To add to this problem, the cable can get stuck, and, worse, it can break off. At this point, you not only have a stuck cable, but it is also snapped somewhere in the drain pipe. This will likely be expensive to fix. It is better to call a plumber to begin with.

You may have an issue besides a clogged drain

There are many local handymen that will offer to clear your drain, often at a discount price from a plumber. In some cases, it may be a person who cleans drains for a living and nothing else, but you should avoid using these type of services. A licensed plumber has the skill needed to unclog your drain, and they can also be alerted to any other problems you may have with your drains—and they have the skill to fix them. One example is a leaking drain pipe, including your main line sewer drain. This latter pipe is constructed in segments. A plumber can locate the exact location of the leak.

When you have a stopped-up drain, make sure to call a licensed plumber. Your drains will be cleaned, and your problem solved. Click here to continue reading more about drain cleaning.


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