Exterior Painting Prep Steps Many People Leave Out And Why You Shouldn't Forget Them

Posted on: 27 November 2016

When people decide to do their own residential exterior painting, they tend to leave out some prep steps. These important prep steps can make all the difference in how your home's exterior paint job looks. If you decide you are going to do your own exterior painting rather than hire a professional, here are those steps that other DIY house painters miss, and why you should not forget to do them.

Washing the Home's Exterior

You may not be able to tell that your siding is dirty unless you have white siding. All other colors of siding and painted wood exteriors do not show the dirt that naturally accumulates on a home's exterior surfaces. Before you begin painting any part of your house, you should always wash it thoroughly. Thankfully, you can use a power washer on the exterior of your home and blast off dirt on every square inch of siding or wood clapboard that you have.


The most common mistake DIY painters make is not priming the surface before painting it. People simply do not know or do not realize that the primer does more than provide you with a nice, opaque, white base coat. It also provides you with a sealant for any little holes, nooks, or crannies into which spraying or blotting paint would not be a good idea. It can also block bugs from chewing their way through. There are even primers that provide anti-mold and anti-mildew protection, so that is a bonus if you are worried about any wooden sections of your home's exterior.

Covering the Windows and Doors with Protective Film

If you are going to use a spray paint machine to get that nice, even, drip-free coat of paint, do not forget to seal off your windows and doors with protective film. This plastic film is similar to insulating film in that you have to tape it to the edges of your windows and doors. It protects the windows and doors from getting paint on them, which would be a major hassle to remove if you accidentally sprayed some paint on these areas. Once you are done painting the whole of the house, you can remove the tape and film for a flawlessly painted exterior. If you want to include the window trim in the paint job, you will have to paint theses areas by hand, which some professional painters do before they cover the windows and doors with film.


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