How Important Is It To Know The Age Of Your Plumbing System?

Posted on: 9 December 2016

Do you know how old your plumbing system really is? That age can tell you a lot about the current and near-future state of your plumbing. It can let you know if you need to upgrade, make changes, or replace components. Age can also give you an explanation if you have constant problems, or always find yourself in need of repairs.

Getting Age from Local Government

The best way to tell age is to procure property records. This isn't always easy to do. You can start with your local building safety and inspection department. Many of them will pull building plans, floor plans, blueprints, and other records.

There's usually a fee involved, but you will learn specifically when your plumbing system was put in place. You will also learn if any major construction occurred in the past that would have made changes to the plumbing system.

Getting Age from Telltale Signs

Plumbing systems consist of several different components. Over time, components are swapped out, repaired, and replaced. So dating your plumbing system usually comes down to dating individual parts, rather than everything altogether.

For example, you can have old piping, but relatively new fittings. Or, you can have old piping in one part of the building, but newer piping in another area.

Some telltale signs of age can include

  • the age of the building (is it over 50 years old?),
  • the type of piping you have (is it old copper, galvanized steel, or lead?),
  • and the age of plumbing related appliances (when was the toilet or boiler installed?).

If nothing else works for you, consider hiring a plumbing service for an inspection. The contractor can let you know if you should have any concerns about the age of your plumbing system.

Why You Should Have Concerns about the Age of Your Plumbing System

Old plumbing equipment and setup can lead to a host of issues. These issues can range from needing constant repairs, to full plumbing system failure.

It's not just the plumbing system at stake. Old plumbing systems can facilitate hazards to your health and the health of those that live in, or use, the building. Anything from rust and wastewater can get into the drinkable water when that old plumbing starts to fail.

See a Professional Plumbing Service about an Inspection

If you're not sure about anything concerning your plumbing, seek professional help. An inspection can cut out a lot of the legwork you would have to otherwise do. Knowing the specific age of your plumbing system helps. However, you can receive a more immediate answer about the health of your plumbing system from a full inspection.

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