Ideal Locations For A Two-Sided Fireplace In Your Home

Posted on: 9 August 2017

A two-sided fireplace installed in your home will provide ambiance, warmth, and even potentially boost the value of your home in the event that you plan to sell. This type of fireplace, which has openings on two sides, is installed in a wall between two rooms. If you like this feature, your next step will be to decide where you want to install it — and there are several worthwhile locations throughout your home to consider. When you come up with a location that you like, you'll need to talk to your installer to ensure that the spot is viable. Here are some ideal locations for a two-sided fireplace.

Between Your Master Bedroom And En-Suite Bathroom

Many homeowners favor having a two-sided fireplace between their master bedroom and their en-suite bathroom. A fireplace in the bedroom or bathroom is nice on its own, but if you have the right amount of space and the right layout to have the fireplace installed in the wall between these two rooms, you'll enjoy it for the length of time that you own the house. Whether you're reading in bed or simply relaxing with your spouse, you'll enjoy the cozy look of the fireplace. And, when you're lounging in the bathtub, you'll get to enjoy the other side of the fireplace.

Between The Living Room And Dining Room

Between the living room and the dining room is another suitable location to consider for your two-sided fireplace. These are two rooms that you may commonly entertain guests in, and a fireplace is one of the nicest home furnishings that can add ambiance to your home for such gatherings. If you're enjoying some cocktails in the living room with your guests and then moving into the dining room for a meal afterward, everyone will appreciate being able to see the fireplace the entire time.

Between The Inside And The Outside

Another approach to consider with your two-sided fireplace is to have it installed in an exterior wall so that you can see it from inside and outside your home. You'll likely want this done on a rear wall of your home so that people outside can't see through the fireplace glass and into your residence. If you have a family room with a patio and seating area directly outside it — perhaps adjacent to a pool or hot tub — this is an optimal location for your two-sided fireplace to be installed.

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