Where To Go To Get Your Commercial Permits

Posted on: 4 October 2017

Opening a construction business is quite the endeavor. If you have very little competition where you are, you will enjoy some success, but first, you need commercial permits before you open your doors. Here is where you can go to get your permits.

City Hall

City Hall has a department that handles everything from construction permits to restaurant establishment permits, from demolition permits to liquor sales permits, and beyond. If you reside and will work in a township rather than a city, you may seek your permits from the nearest county seat, which can act in place of the city hall your town does not have. Most cities over twenty thousand people will have a city hall, and even some small villages that have at least an established fire and police department(s) will have a city hall. 

Whichever direction you need to go to get your permits, you will also need filing fees. You can check your city's website to see what the fees will be. If you cannot find the information there, call city hall and ask about building permits and selling/sales permits. The receptionist should be able to answer your questions or connect you to someone who does know.

Commercial Permitting Services

Commercial permitting services are often offered by entities not connected to city government. In some states, permitting services, such as City Permit, are completely separate entities from city government in order to avoid corruption and favoritism. (If these services are offered in your state, that could be the reason why.)

The fees may be a little higher with permitting services, as these companies are allowed to charge reasonable fees that include pay for the people doing the services for you, as well as the state-mandated fees for the establishment of your building site. However, it will not be anything too extraordinary, and it is worth it to make sure you are operating within the legal limits of the law.

Ask about Other Permits You May Need

Most people think that they just need a sales permit and a business establishment permit. If you build something from the ground up rather than utilize an existing building, you will also need a construction permit. If you restore a building or remodel a building to fit your needs, you will need a permit for that as well. Thankfully, any construction, restoration, and/or remodeling permits are included in your cost estimate or bid contracts to the consumer.


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