Three Signs You Need To Replace Your Carpet

Posted on: 27 February 2018

Carpet, just like all other types of flooring materials, withstands a significant amount of wear each day from being walked on, spilled on, and having the heavy weight of furniture pushing down on it. Over time, this everyday wear can cause your carpet to begin to fall apart, which can ruin your interior design and can even be a safety hazard by making tripping and falling much more likely. Fortunately, there are three main warning signs associated with carpet that is in need of replacement that you can watch out for to determine when it's time to redo your floors.


Any sort of movement over your carpet, either by normal foot traffic or by rearranging furniture, can eventually cause sections of your carpet to begin to lump together. This occurs normally over time, and can create an uneven surface that can be dangerous to walk on, especially for small children and older individuals, since it represents a significant tripping hazard.

Tearing and Physical Damage

A fairly easy to notice sign that it may be time to replace your carpet is if there are any signs of physical damage to the pile or the padding underneath. This can take the form of actual rips in the carpet itself that exposes the floor underneath, any sort of burn marks, or strands from the edges of your carpet and the padding underneath becoming exposed and unraveling. Depending on the size of the damaged area, it may be possible to have that single section replaced or patched, but if it covers too large of an area you will likely need to replace the entire carpet.


Finally, discoloration of your carpeting is a clear indication that it's much past time to replace your carpet entirely. This discoloration can be relatively harmless, in the form of staining from dropped food and spilled drinks that can occur normally over time, but it will still ruin the design of your room and be fairly unpleasant to look at. On the other hand, discolored carpeting can actually represent a health concern, as some forms of discoloration can point to mold growth in your carpet, which can aggravate certain respiratory health conditions like asthma. Mold growth is common in carpets that have been exposed to water damage or excessive moisture in the past, though for future reference it's usually a good idea to completely replace a carpet that has been the victim of water damage or flooding instead of simply cleaning it.


Got Hail Damager? What You Need to Know About Repairs

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