Need Something Welded? Rent A Welder And Do It Yourself

Posted on: 18 July 2018

The next time you are looking at something metal that has broken and debating whether to replace it or take it to a welding shop, consider renting a stud welder and doing the work yourself. Contact an equipment rental facility and see what they have to offer. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you go to pick up the unit and sign the rental agreement.


Whether you have welded before or not, you should ask the facility to give you a lesson on the equipment before taking it home. Not all units operate the same way, and you do not want to discover this as you are trying to make a weld. If you have never done any welding, they can teach you the basics, at least enough to get your job done. You may want to bring a piece of what you will be welding to the shop so they can make sure you have the equipment you need.


The stud welder rental should include all the main equipment you need for the task, such as gloves, mask, the welding unit, and cables. However, you will need to purchase the stick or wire. The employee should be able to recommend the type and size consumable that will be best suited for your job. They can also estimate how much you will need so you don't have to go back because you ran out mid-weld.


Make sure you understand how the rental company charges. If they have different prices for different lengths of time, make sure you have a copy of them before you leave. You do not want to end up paying for a whole day if you could have paid for a couple of hours instead. In addition, make sure that the time put on the agreement is correct. When renting by the day, you can be charged for a whole day just because you were a few minutes late.

Unless you have experience, you should probably not attempt a large welding job yourself. However, if you have a couple of smaller fixes, go ahead and rent a stud welder. Learning a new skill is always a good thing. The more you do small jobs, the more experience you will get, and the more comfortable you will be with the equipment. Eventually, you will be able to do all your own welding, saving you from having to replace things at home. Who knows, you may even decide you want to buy a welder. Until you get to that point, renting is always an option.


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