4 Most Important Kitchen Remodel Investments

Posted on: 31 August 2018

Remodeling a kitchen is an exciting time for homeowners. Despite the amount of work and the expenses involved, the idea of ending up with a brand-new kitchen that's full of new features that will change how you prepare meals is definitely worth getting excited about.

However, there are many elements in the kitchen that you'll need to consider during a remodel. Quite often, budget constraints will mean there are things you can change while others have to wait. This means having to pick out the most important elements of your kitchen.


In terms of visual real estate, cabinets occupy a significant space in any modern kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are located above and below the counters, underneath sinks and workspaces. In some kitchens, there'll even be cabinets in the kitchen island.

Anything that is this visible in your kitchen will need to look just right. Unfortunately, cabinets are among those elements that can age visibly in your kitchen. Their look can also become a little too familiar. Therefore, they're always a prime target when doing remodels.


Kitchen floors are frequently targeted when doing remodels. This is for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Kitchen floors can get damaged with time due to exposure to water. This can lower their visual appeal. As a result, they are frequently replaced. However, when replacing floors, apart from the visual aspect, also remember to go with a material that can handle moisture better.


Counters and countertops should also be replaced when performing a kitchen remodel. These are the main work areas of the kitchen. Depending on how often you use your kitchen, the countertop may have to deal with hot pots and pans, chopping knives, moisture, and a host of other factors. All these factors can leave these areas looking a little dated or even damaged.

They may also be stained by all the meats and vegetables that are placed on top of them. At the end of the day, replacing these workspaces should be obvious. Granite and quartz countertops make for the best long-term investment.


Lighting is a feature that is frequently overlooked, yet it plays an important role in how we perceive the kitchen and how well we're able to work in it. You could spend a fortune remodeling everything else, but without taking the lighting into consideration, all those improvements may not be visible. Ensure you have the right lighting to complement your remodel and also to make it easier to work in your new kitchen.


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