Add A Stylish And Functional Bar To Your Kitchen During A Remodeling Project

Posted on: 26 November 2018

Envision being able to serve your houseguests some mixed drinks while shooting the breeze in your kitchen or offering up some of your homemade appetizers while your loved ones are seated around the area where the delicacies were prepared. Both of these scenarios can be a reality after having your kitchen remodeled.

Choose A Bar Style That Will Fit In The Space

If you are having the entire kitchen remodeled, you may be able to squeeze a bar into the central part or corner of the room. If the remodeling project will focus on one particular part of the room, however, and you will solely be having a bar added during the process, you will have to stick to a style that is suitable for the space provided.

Select an island style bar or one that is built into a wall. You can also choose a specific length and shape for the new feature. Perhaps, you would like the bar to be angled so that loved ones or friends are facing you while you prepare their beverages or food items. This style bar may have an opening along one end of it that will provide ample room to enter and exit the interior section.

Select A Material And Design

Formica, laminate, and wood are three materials that your new bar set may be constructed of. Think about the way that you will be utilizing the addition and the amount of people who will be using the new feature to help guide you when selecting a material. Any of the materials can be colored to match your kitchen's appliances, drapery, or dinnerware, so don't think you are limited when it comes to options.

If you are going to serve quite a bit of alcohol, a bar that includes a built-in wine and bottle rack may be handy. This type of feature can be installed along the backside of the bar or installed along the top of the structure. A rack will make it easy for you to keep an eye on your alcohol supply and will place all of your alcohol and mixers within reach when you are getting ready to make some beverages.

Choose a suitable counter space that will allow you ample room when preparing finger foods and snacks while you are standing behind the bar. Relay all of the specifications that you have decided upon when meeting with a construction contractor for the first time. 

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