3 Things You Must Know About Having A Septic Tank

Posted on: 2 January 2019

Have you recently purchased a home that has a septic tank? Is this the first time that you've owned a home that isn't hooked up to a city sewer system? While there isn't a huge difference between having a home that is connected to a sewer system and one that is connected to a septic tank, there are still some things that you need to know about. Not knowing these things or pretending that there is no difference at all could result in expensive bills in the future. Some of the most important things that you need to know include:

Pumping schedules are different: Instead of your sewage being sent directly to a sewage processing plant, it will get collected in a septic tank to get removed later by one of your local septic tank pumping services. Unlike with something like oil changes for your car, there's no way to tell ahead of time just how often you'll need to have the tank pumped out. As a general rule, it's usually every 3 to 5 years, but this can vary depending on things like the exact size of the tank and whether this is a permanent residence or just a vacation home.

No random items: You may have heard that it's bad to flush things like paper towels or deep fryer oil down the drain but you've been doing it anyway because the aftermath isn't something you have to deal with. But when you have a septic tank, these things are definitely things that you'll have to deal with. Paper towels can clog up the septic tank and too much oil can form a layer in the septic tank that kills off beneficial bacteria. Both of these things can result in your needing to have one of your local septic tank pumping services clean out your tank prematurely to get it back into usable condition.

Regular inspections: When you schedule a visit from one of your local septic tank pumping services, they may ask if you want to pay an additional fee to have the tank inspected, though some services may include an inspection in the pumping fee. This isn't simply a way to extract additional money from you but is a crucial part of owning a septic tank. Despite being buried underground, a septic tank can develop damage over the years. For instance, it may become cracked or it may become invaded by tree roots. An inspection will uncover these and other faults, allowing you to take action before they become a serious problem.

Contact a septic tank pumping and maintenance service for more help.


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