Key Points To Understand Before Hiring A Land Surveyor

Posted on: 20 February 2019

If you are a property owner, you may have come up on a situation where a land survey is needed. If this is the case, you may be dealing with a survey for the first time. Most surveys have been done when you buy your property, but sometimes these need to be checked over or redone for accuracy. Here are a few key points to understand before hiring a survey team and what you need to know about each point.

Authorizing the Survey

The first thing to understand is that you need to authorize the survey. This means that you will meet with the land surveying team for a consultation. During that consultation you will discuss why you need the survey. The reason for the survey will help the surveying team decide what type of survey is needed and how to proceed. Once this consultation has happened, they will ask you to sign documents that will authorize the survey to begin. Once you have given the authorization, the survey can begin.

Boundary Creation

Part of the land surveying is to have boundaries created. The creation of the boundaries is determined during the survey and is based on measurements determined by the surveyors. The measurements are checked with the property information given on the deed or sales paperwork for the property. When the boundaries are created, they are not official until the surveys are placed in writing. The written documents are filed with the local appropriate property offices and will create a new survey for appraisal and other legal services. For example, the boundary documents are used when determining value of resell or for subdividing land for inheritance purposes.

Monument Marking

One of the points of land surveying, that you may not know about, is monument marking. In some cases, you can request to have monuments placed to mark the borders and boundaries of your property. These can be small stone markers at each corner, or can be full fence lines depending on your requests. The land surveying team can lay these monuments in place, or can oversee the fencing contractors if a full fence and boundary marker is required. This is ideal if you have larger plots of land such as farm land, or you live in a subdivision where solid markers are necessary.

By keeping these points in mind, you can prepare for the survey and the possible outcomes. You will also know how to file the survey and how to proceed depending on your specific land issue. If you are ready to schedule the survey, contact your local land surveying team or visit a site like for more information. They can answer questions and schedule an appointment.


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