5 Signs You Should Consider A Tankless Water Heater

Posted on: 30 March 2019

Traditional hot water heaters feature a tank that heats water and holds it until you need it. In contrast, a tankless system heats water on the spot right before you use it. Are you wondering if you should consider investing in a tankless hot water heater? Here are five signs you should consider it.

1. You Want to Reduce Energy Costs

To keep water hot, your tank needs to use energy. Even if you go out of town, or don't use hot water for a while for any other reason, your hot water tank still uses energy to keep that water hot. In contrast, a tankless heater only uses energy to heat the water when you need it. In the long run, you may reduce your energy consumption by switching to a tankless heater.

2. You Frequently Don't Have Enough Hot Water

You don't necessarily have to choose between a traditional water heater and a tankless model. Instead, you can mix and match both of these options. For instance, if you currently have a traditional hot water heater and you frequently don't have hot water when you need it, you may want to add a tankless system.

Typically, you should add the tankless water heater in the spot where you need hot water the most. For instance, you may want to put it in your main bathroom so that you always have access to a hot bath or shower. Then, your washing machine, dishwasher, and other bathrooms can draw hot water from the tank.

3. You Are Getting New Roommates

Sometimes, you may have the perfect amount of hot water at the moment, but if more people are moving into your home, you may need to augment your current system. A tankless heater can be the perfect option in this situation as well.

4. You Are Putting in a Home Addition

Are you adding a guest house? An addition with an attached bathroom? A new laundry room? Or any other space that requires hot water? If so, you can connect this area to your current hot water heater, but that may not have a large enough capacity to supply hot water to another area. To be on the safe side, you may want to put a tankless heater in this room as well.

5. You Don't Have Room for a Tank

In other situations, you may not want to devote space to a hot water tank. If you're building a tiny home, in particular, you may want to invest in a tankless heater.


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