3 Reasons to Rent More Portable Toilets Than You Think You Need for a Concert

Posted on: 17 May 2019

If you are in the middle of planning a concert or music festival, you probably already know that renting portable toilets is a good idea. You might already have an idea of the number of portable toilets that you want to rent, but you might want to think about renting a few more portable toilets than you think is necessary for your event. It might just be a good idea to rent a few extra portable toilets for your upcoming concert for these reasons.

1. You Might End Up With More Attendees Than You Think

If you are going to be selling tickets at the gate, then you might not truly know how many attendees will be coming to your concert. You might think that you have a basic idea of how many people will be attending the concert, but with social media and other advertising methods, it's possible that word will spread about your upcoming concert more than you think. Renting extra portable toilets will help you make sure that you have enough facilities for everyone who attends, even if you end up with a bigger crowd than you expected.

2. You Don't Want to Make the Event Unpleasant for Attendees

You probably want the people who attend your upcoming concert to have a good time. If these attendees have to walk a long way from the action to get to a portable toilet or if they have to wait in a long line to use a portable toilet, it's going to really get in the way of their fun. Renting more portable toilets than you are expecting to need for your upcoming event and placing them carefully throughout the venue will help you make sure that your concert attendees don't have to walk too far or wait too long to use the facilities, which can make for a much better experience for them.

3. You Can Help Cut Down on the Mess

There is obviously probably going to be a bit of a mess that has to be cleaned up after your concert guests leave. Taking certain steps can help you cut down on the mess, though. Making sure that there are enough portable toilets around your concert venue is one good way of cutting down on unpleasant and unsanitary messes. Additionally, taking steps like putting out enough garbage cans and recycling bins for your event can help as well.


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