Is It Worth Paying More For Impact Windows?

Posted on: 7 August 2019

If you're home is located in a region that frequently experiences hurricanes, you may be looking into impact windows as a way to give your home added protection.  However, these windows come at an added cost over the standard price of new windows. You may even be debating if it is worth it to pay extra for windows that are capable of resisting impact damage. Here are some things you should consider if you are on the fence about getting impact windows due to their price. 

Impact WIndows Are An Investment

While the initial cost of getting impact windows will be higher than standard windows, know that the windows are considered a home investment that will raise your property value.  If the time comes to sell the property, those impact windows could help you get a higher price for your home since it could be seen as a valuable upgrade.

Impact Windows Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies base your premiums on how much of a risk you are when it comes to making a claim.  If you have standard windows on your home in a hurricane prone area, the insurance provider may view your home as more risky because you are likely to have storm damage as a result.  However, those impact windows are going to reduce the chance of storm damage, which makes you less likely to use your insurance. You'll likely see a lower home insurance premium in return.  

Impact Windows Provide Safety

Impact windows provide more than additional protection during hurricanes, since they also can make your house more secure.  If the windows are capable of withstanding damage caused by storms, you can only imagine how hard the windows will be if someone wants to break one to get into your home.  This provides year round protection that you may not realize you would have.

Impact Windows Are Energy Efficient

Do you have concerns about saving energy to heat or cool your home?  Know that the thickness of impact windows are going to be more energy efficient than a standard window.  Your home will be better insulated, so you'll spend less money trying to heat or cool your home when the weather makes it necessary. This can add up to savings over the years that help pay for your impact windows.

Ready to make the big purchase and get impact windows? Reach out to a local window installation company.


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