5 Things to Know When Buying Watertight Doors for a Cruise Ship

Posted on: 1 June 2020

If you are looking to purchase watertight doors for your cruise ship, then there are a few things that you should probably know. You can start by paying attention to the five things that are listed below.

1. There Are Probably Certain Requirements That You Must Meet

First of all, depending on the type of cruise ship that you have and the types of licensing that you have for your ship, there might be a variety of regulations that you are required to follow. Some of these regulations might be related to watertight doors and other similar safety measures, so make sure that you find out about these requirements to ensure that you meet them when purchasing and installing watertight doors.

2. It's Often Best to Install More Watertight Doors Than You Think You Need

In many cases, it's best to exceed the minimum requirements for installing watertight doors. After all, this can help you run a safer cruise ship.

3. Watertight Doors Don't Have to Put a Damper on Appearance

While safety is probably the number one thing that you have in mind when buying watertight doors, this doesn't mean that it's the only thing that you are thinking about. You might also be concerned about the appearance inside your cruise ship since you probably want your guests to feel as if they are having a nice and luxurious experience when they're on the ship.

The good news is that watertight doors come in different designs, and they certainly aren't all unsightly, although you might see some that have been designed with function in mind more than appearance. Take your time to look for watertight doors that look good, and you can help ensure that your cruise ship is both safe and attractive.

4. Professional Installation Is a Must

You shouldn't just focus on purchasing the right watertight doors; it's also smart to look into a professional installation. This helps you get your watertight doors installed quickly so that your cruise ship can hopefully hit the water as soon as possible. Plus, it'll help ensure that the doors are installed as they should be, which is imperative if you want them to do a good job of protecting the people on your cruise ship.

5. You Shouldn't Forget About the Doors Once They are Installed

Once the watertight doors are installed on your cruise ship, you might not think that you have to worry much about them anymore. However, inspections and simple maintenance should be done on these doors on a regular basis. Then, you can make sure that those doors will be able to do their jobs if something goes wrong.

To learn more about watertight doors, contact a company near you.


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