Crusher Run Aggregate? Convincing Reasons To Use It For Your Next Project

Posted on: 26 February 2021

Experienced contractors and DIY enthusiasts both know that matching the right product to the job is a critical step in achieving great results in any construction project. But the wide variety of available choices can lead to confusion during the material selection process of the project. 

For example, contractors and homeowners who are planning a project that requires crushed stone may be unsure of which type to buy. Crushed stone is an aggregate product that is produced by running large pieces of limestone, granite, or other natural materials through a crushing process. Once crushed, the aggregate is screened, graded, and separated to create uniform products for a variety of uses, including cement, general fill, agricultural lime, and masonry sand. 

Crusher run aggregate provides superior packability

In addition to specific sizes, the crushing process can be used to create a useful product called crusher run aggregate. Unlike uniform products, like agricultural lime or masonry sand, crusher run aggregate contains a mixture of sand, rock dust, and larger gravel and rocks. 

The variety of textures gives crusher run aggregate a superior ability to create a firmer, more stable surface for a wide variety of construction projects. Unlike more uniform products, the mix of fine and coarse materials allows crusher run aggregate to better settle into low areas and crevices to add stability to areas that may be subject to stress from erosion or soil movement. 

The use of crusher run aggregate can be especially helpful for homeowners and contractors who are building new driveways or working to firm up existing ones. Crusher run aggregate is also well-suited for creating a solid base where foundational support is needed for a large structure and when backfill is needed around sewer, utility, and water lines. 

Crusher run aggregate adds stability to pavers 

Installing pavers to form walkways, patios, driveways or other types of hardscape around homes and businesses is a great way to add beauty and usage value. Pavers can, however, experience movement in the months or years after installation that can cause them to look uneven and become difficult or unsafe for walking. 

Homeowners and contractors who choose crusher run aggregate as their paver base material, instead of traditional sand, can help to limit unwanted movement. Additionally, the fine rock dust included in crusher run aggregate can be helpful in preventing grass and weed growth from occurring between the pavers in the years after installation. 

To learn more about crusher run aggregate and other stone products, contact a reputable crushed stone supplier in your area. 


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